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The Return of the Glory of God to the House of God

첨부 1




1. Once bound by self I lived to me,

Peculiar and set, independently;

Unbuildable, no preciousness,

Just earthen and dross, heap of worthlessness.

Then light shined penetratingly

True condition exposed entirely.

Abhoring self, my desp’rate plea:

Strip me thoroughly, Lord; from self set free.


Lo, the God of glory

Has appeared and called me

To a glorious calling,

Though I was unworthy.

Lord, now for the building

Make me more than willing,

Open for Your mingling,

My all on the altar to bring.


2. His sov’reign mercy made me see

The only way in God’s economy—

The cross applied effectually;

What I am and can do must all desist.

My person of whate’er repute,

My devices, must not Christ substitute.

The center of my universe—

The all-op’rative cross; let Christ be first.


Lo, the God of glory

Has appeared and called me

To a glorious calling,

Though I was unworthy.

Lord, now for the building

Make me more than willing,

Open for Your mingling,

My all on the altar to bring.


3. Now here we are, called on to build.

As members of Christ, we are richly filled.

As He increases, we decrease;

The one new man wondrously comes to be.

Our inward being we open wide,

Let the Spirit transform and occupy;

Soak, saturate, with Christ inwrought,

Till from glory to glory we are brought.


Lo, the God of glory

Has appeared and called us

To a glorious calling,

Though we were unworthy.

Lord, now for the building

Make us more than willing,

Open for Your mingling,

Our all on the altar to bring.


4. Laid hold by vision of His house,

We build earnestly, from indiff’rence roused.

Although the world thinks us but fools,

To God, we’re exceedingly precious jewels.

Our eyes behold eternity,

Glorious destiny seen transparently.

Arise! Make haste this age to turn

That the glory longed for may soon return!


Oh, what glorious vision!

God’s will and intention—

The return of glory

To His house effulgently.

Let this vision seize us,

Measure, judge, possess us,

Till we’re built up; come, dear Lord,

Fill Your house with glory once more!




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