Our Lord's deep longing

by 관리자 posted Sep 26, 2017


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1. Our Lord’s deep longing, is to gain a home,
a place to lay His head
A mutual dwelling, God and man
In which we both find rest
Lord, give to us this same longing
A vision that's so controlling
To govern our daily living
And thus satisfy Your heart

Lord every day keep all our hearts
Open, soft and yearning for You
Draw us more and more each day
Eating, drinking, enjoying You
O Lord, we pray, don't pass us by
All self-interest we lay aside
Full cooperation we give
Make us absolute for You
Lord do gain Your building in us

2. Make us willing to let You build
Coat and occupy every part
As we abide, deepen the roots
O Lord, make home in our hearts
 O May the Lord bless you all richly
Day by day building more in you
Producing you as precious stones
That He may be expressed through you