If the path I travel

by 관리자 posted Feb 11, 2016


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1. If the path I travel
Lead me to the cross,
If the way Thou choosest
Lead to pain and loss,
Let the compensation
Daily, hourly, be
Shadowless communion,
Blessed Lord, with Thee.

2. If there’s less of earth joy,
Give, Lord, more of heaven.
Let the spirit praise Thee,
Though the heart be riven;
If sweet earthly ties, Lord,
Break at Thy decree,
Let the tie that binds us,
Closer, sweeter, be.

3. Lonely though the pathway,
Cheer it with Thy smile;
Be Thou my companion
Through earth’s little while;
Selfless may I live, Lord,
By Thy grace to be
Just a cleansed channel
For Thy life through me.