Let’s take the land! The land that God has given us

by 관리자 posted Dec 29, 2015


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1. Let’s take the land! The land that God has given us;
In all our living, Christ can be so much:
To take this land, we have th’ equipment that we need—
The blood, the Word, the Spirit, and the church.

Let’s take the land! O Christian brothers,
The land that God has given us.
Be strong and take it, for we can make it
And gain this land so glorious!

Let’s take the land! O Christian sisters,
And to these things give earnest heed.
The Lord implores us; He’s gone before us
And given everything we need!

2. We have the blood! Christ is our spotless offering,
Who gave Himself, our God to satisfy;
And so we come with boldness to the throne of grace,
And all day long, the precious blood apply.

3. We have the Word! The written Word’s our daily food;
We mix this Word with faith and say “Amen!”
Then thro’ the day, the spoken Word will speak to us
And regulate our living from within.

4. The Spirit’s ours! The Spirit of reality,
He’s independent of the way we feel;
He dwells in us, and teaches us to dwell in Him,
And guides us into everything that’s real.

5. We have the church! All saints are needed to possess
The fullness of this vast reality;
Together we will gain this all-inclusive Christ,
And He to us our everything will be.